Refuges in the Ossola Valleys

When you stay a few days on the shores of Lake Maggiore, it is almost a must to spend a day of trekking, nature, culture and good air with a fantastic lunch at one of the many refuges in our Ossola Valleys nestled between Switzerland, Piedmont and Lombardy.

The refuges are very simple and hospitable structures, almost always reachable only on foot, where you can rest after a long walk, taste typical products, meet local people with their traditions and experience close contact with nature and its rich beauty.
The vast area where the refuges are located is very popular with hikers, who can diversify on numerous itineraries through plateaus, alpine passes, bodies of water, snow-capped peaks and mountain pastures.
The Ossola Valleys have a strong gastronomic potential, known for pork and goat hams, salami and beef bresaola.
When it comes to cheese, the cheese-making tradition is truly rich:
Bettelmatt, Ossolano d’Alpe and Ossolano or Mezzapasta.
No less important are the numerous productions of jams, honey, yoghurt and milk.

The refuges are divided into 8 zones:
Val Formazza
Antigorio Valley
Divedro Valley
Bognanco Valley
Antrona Valley
Anzasca Valley
Val Grande and Bassa Valle Ossola valleys.

Staying at Antico Borgo B&B, the starting point for reaching the refuges is Domodossola:
-from Turin or Milan by motorway or motorway A26- A4
-from Brig by car via the Simplon Pass E62
-from Locarno via the SS337 by car or by train through the Centovalli and Val Vigezzo.

Enclosed is a beautiful map that clearly depicts where the many refuges are located.

Each valley has its own beauty, history and products, and depending on the destination you have chosen, you can decide to spend a few hours either for lunch or a snack in the various refuges.
Below is the link where you can find the vast network of refuges in the Ossola and the surrounding area